#Celebrate your Style


#Celebrate your Style

What makes you succeed in life is doing what you love to do and enjoying it. What you do with passion makes you the owner of your happiness and the lucky charm of everyone around you, because the emotions and feelings are conveyed uncontrollably.

Our philosophy

is definitely based on conveying this happiness and passion for our work, managing to satisfy and even surpass the expectations of our clients so that we enhance both their physical and mental well-being. We want to enrich the experience of looking after yourself. Our clients certainly inspire us to carry on growing every day and they motivate us to never stop innovating.


We embarked upon our venture in 2012 in Ciudad Quesada, a very special place for us, one that we consider to be unique in the world, thanks to the community that its inhabitants have created and because of its special location. Although we started in 2012, the history of Kimbe (formerly Kim Secrets) is the story of passion inherited. Passion that has been passed down from generation to generation, passion that made Kim Fermisson, from when she was small, pursue her lifelong vocation. She went to study aesthetics and beauty in one of the best schools of the country, so that in time her dreams would come true. That is the concept and the philosophy that makes KIMBE a unique centre.