Eyebrow, Lips & Eyeliner Micropigmentation

An incredible aesthetic solution

Longer-lasting and more sophisticated than make-up, but more delicate and subtle than tattooing. Between these two there is a master piece called micropigmentation, whose pigments slide smoothly under your skin blending in with it like nothing has ever done before. With character and with elegance.
If your time is worth gold and you don’t want to waste it putting make-up on… micropigmentation is for you.

If you are allergic to make-up or you are blind… micropigmentation is the perfect alternative.

If you have scars or marks from surgery… micropigmentation is going to help you.

If you simply want elegance and distinction… micropigmentation will give you that.

But remember that only the best qualified specialists are capable of getting a result that will help you dazzle everyone, just like the fact that only an artist can paint a captivating picture. That is why at Kimbe we have mastered the technique with the precision of the best surgeon and the finesse of the best artist. Because you are our greatest treasure.

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