Special Bride / Groom packs


The big day approaches, months have gone past since you started all the preparations so that everything is perfect, the menu, the settings, the guests, the dress… everything has been chosen very carefully to enjoy the experience.
Now it is time to spoil yourself and get ready for your wedding day, you have to relax and enjoy yourself. You are going to be perfect; your unique natural beauty will be the highlight of all the wedding preparations.

We are going to take care of everything from the first to the very last detail, so that you are radiant, your figure is reshaped in one or two sizes, your natural complexion is glowing thanks to the efficacy of Thalgo and Indiba, so that everything from your gaze to the corners of your mouth convey the happiness and the emotion of each moment. All the details will be perfect: pedicure, manicure, every single centimetre of your soft skin will be like velvet. Your hair will shine just as you like it and as intended your make-up will highlight your features and natural beauty.

At Kimbe we take care of everything, so that you are relaxed and perfect on your wedding day. Both you and your most special guests can enjoy the beauty experience that we have prepared for you.

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Remember the day that you got engaged and how happy you were. Visualize the moment when you say Yes, I do! Over and over again, knowing that it will be more special that you could ever imagine.

It will be spectacular!! It is spectacular!!

Do you want to dazzle everyone just like your bride, look handsome and get ready for one of the happiest moments of your lives?

You want to surprise everyone and get the best version of your own personal style too. It will be very important to unwind, relax; eliminate stress and tension to feel physically and mentally perfect.

You have had a few crazy months with all the wedding preparations and now it is time for the nerves. So, on the big day you have to stay calm and convey self-confidence. You have everything under control and you face shows it. You want to look into her eyes and show her all your emotions. You know that she doesn’t need anything else to know how special she is for you, which is why you want to surprise her when she sees you. You will be perfect from your hair to your nails. Nothing can go wrong! You have treated yourself to a great experience and your partner knows the effort you have put into looking better than ever before, especially for her.

Have a look at the Packs

When the music plays and you walk through the door, your partner will look at you and smile, knowing that she is the luckiest person in the world. That photo and this emotion recorded for ever as a unique and once-in-a-lifetime moment. ENJOY IT!